Portable Meals from Kosher.com Let Travelers Eat Kosher on the Run

April 14, 2013

Inwood, NY (PRWEB) January 20, 2006 –

Finding kosher food away from home is not always easy for travelers who follow traditional Jewish dietary laws.

But thanks to online grocer Kosher.com, travelers can now choose from a varied menu of kosher meals that can be heated up on the road. Meals are non-perishable, require no refrigeration, and can be easily packed in a suitcase or small bag.

The nations largest on-line provider of kosher food products, Kosher.com offers more than 30 meals to go. Dishes range from beef bourguignon with parsley potatoes to vegetable beef stew to buffalo-style chicken wings to vegetarian stuffed shells.

All food items are prepared under rabbinic supervision and certified kosher.

Many of the meals can be quickly heated in a microwave oven while others can be cooked without an oven–a boon to travelers hungering for a hot meal when power is unavailable.

This unique line of self-heating portable meals, which include soup and a snack, comes with a patented flameless food heater made of magnesium and iron and a small packet of saltwater. When the water is poured onto the heating element it produces heat and steam inside the box. Within a few minutes the meal is simmering and ready to eat.

Kosher food is not only for travelers who keep kosher or who are even Jewish. According to Kosher.com founder Benson Altman, increasing numbers of consumers are buying kosher because they believe the products to be safer and healthier. This is due to the fact that kosher products are produced under stricter monitoring than mainstream items.

Labeling on kosher foods makes it easy to find dairy or meat-free products–an important feature for vegetarians and health-conscious consumers.

Founded in 2000, Kosher.com offers thousands of other food items–from canned goods to gourmet meals–delivered anywhere in the world. Theres even kosher food for cats and dogs.

For more information, call toll free (866) 567-4379 or visit http://www.kosher.com.

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Question by chiquitacheerchica: What’s the difference between the labels K and U on food products?
I know they mean Kosher but whats the difference between them? i heard that U means it has animal products. is that true?

Best answer:

Answer by E. Gracie
The different symbols actually mean that the food has been approved of as kosher by different companies. The U is The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations, while the K is either The Organized Kashrus Laboratories or KOF-K Kosher Supervision, depending on the symbol.

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