Natural Vs. Commercial Methods: The Battle for Making People Beautiful Rages On!

April 25, 2013

(PRWEB) July 1, 2004

Beauty is what catches the attention first. A lot of people spend quite a big part of the day (and their earnings) to make up, most especially in the morning before the day starts. To look good means to feel good. Acne, dry skin and scalp, oily skin and scalp, dry hair, rough hands, callused feet, proper diet and weight loss are the frequently faced problems in beauty and fitness today.

People want fast results. So they choose beauty products that could give them the result they want in just weeks or less. People rely on the commercials that promise satisfactory results in no time. Most of these products are chemically based to act on the body, skin and hair fast. However, some people who have ultra sensitive skin and hair would sometimes find it difficult to choose the right type of products to use because even hypoallergenic products are still irritating.

There are already a lot of people who turn to more natural ways to enhance beauty. There are more natural ways to be fit, healthy and beautiful. Most of these products are not seen on commercials. They are found right at home, mostly in the kitchen. They do not contain chemicals but they can guarantee fast and amazing results like those of commercialized beauty products.

Take for example a papaya. A lot of commercialized soaps, lotions and other beauty paraphernalia feature papaya as their secret ingredient. Papaya is one of those natural beauty enhancers that can easily be found in the kitchen or the nearest market. Papaya is a great whitening agent and just recently, experts found out that green papaya is even more effective.

Many famous people, although they endorse top-rating line of beauty products are even quoted to use natural ingredients such as castor oil and cranberry juice for the hair, olive oil for the nails, and even a potpourri of fruits and vegetables for slimming down. But the ultimate cleaning agent, for the majority is water. It cleanses not only the outside of the body but also the inside.

Thorough cleaning of the body is very important especially at the end of the day. You would not want to go to bed with dust and grime clinging to your hair and skin, would you? Cleaning your body does not only mean ridding of dirt, but it is also one way to relax tired muscles. There are secrets to experience spa-like treatments even when you are just at home. Taking care of your body means loving it and often pampering it.

A hot bath would be one of the best ways to soothe the knots from the shoulders to the feet. But, for more calming and relaxing bath, you could add milk and lemon juice to achieve silky smooth skin after. Or, you could give your skin the vitamins it needs without actually taking tablets or syrups orally. Instead of swallowing the vitamin E capsules, just poke them with a pin and squeeze out the oil to the tub along with regular sea salt and drops of your favorite essence oils for an invigorating soak. Complete the setting by lighting some candles or lamps with your favorite aromatherapy oils. Once inside the tub, you might forget that you are in an expensive spa instead of just in your own bathroom.

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