Kosher Klothing Launches New Line Of T-Shirts. Teams Up With The Merchandise Company For National Distribution.

April 28, 2013

(PRWEB) February 13, 2004

And in the year two thousand and four, the Lord came down and said “How dare thee blaspheme the holy art of Kosher with thou clothing line.”

“But my lord, others in time before me have spreadeth the word through garments with slogans such as ‘Jesus Is My Homeboy’ and taketh your name in vain with ‘God Is A DJ’ when we all know that you are a fan of the music that rocks. ”

Kosher Klothing, originally launched in 2001, is set to bring the ‘word’ (on t-shirts, of course) to people of all ‘faiths’ – Jews, Christians, Skaters, Snowboarders, Headbangers and Punks alike through wider distribution! Kosher Klothing and The Merchandise Company have teamed up for the launch of the new line from the label.

The pairing will bring Kosher’s cutting edge themes to a wider audience through retail availability. Kosher wares will be rolled out in stores nationwide, as well as online at, in early February. You can also check them out at the MAGIC convention at the Las Vegas Hilton on Feb 23-26. The Merchandise Company will be showing the designs at booth #13303 in the “Active Lifestyles” area.

Upon seeing this co-mingling of companies, the Lord smiled and proclaimed

“Go ahead, mix your milk with your meat.”

And all was good.


Question by Reba B: what is the best way to make a tenderiser for fresh butchered beef?
I just got my meat back from the locker today and decide to grill a rib eye on my george foreman grill. It was very tasteless and extremely tough HELP please

Best answer:

Answer by jeannette p
Fresh butchered beef? You shouldn’t need to tenderize it, however…..ribeyes are great on flavor and shouldn’t require a great deal of tenderizing. A nice rub, however, would include:
garlic, kosher salt, fresh ground pepper, beau monde seasoning, rosemary and oregano. You can also sprinkle with worcestershire sauce or red wine vinegar. Talk to your butcher about the cuts of meat he’s giving you and why they might be tougher than normal. Also, make sure that your grill was hot enough to sear the juices into the meat and that you didn’t overcook it.

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