Kids Love Mighty Mo Munchies Snacks, but Elephants Don’t!

April 19, 2013

Oregon, MO (PRWEB) April 30, 2005

It isn’t easy to be a healthy kid these days. Rates of obesity have doubled in children and tripled in adolescents over the last two decades fueling a rise in type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart disease. Concerned parents trying to manage their children’s diet are faced with poor school lunch options, as well as the pressures of television advertising targeted to kids for fast food restaurants and trans fat-loaded snacks.

Parents need better resources and food options to help their children battle these powerful influences. They need healthy, great tasting alternatives to the snacks found in grocery stores and school cafeterias that are full of empty calories, preservatives, caffeine, and other harmful additives.

One perfect alternative is Mighty Mo Munchies. Mighty Mo Munchies are high quality, great tasting soy nuts that are 100% organic and kosher, non GMO, and have absolutely no artificial ingredients. In addition, they’re peanut free and produced in a peanut/tree nut facility, which is great for those parents who are searching for snacks for their children with allergies.

There are many health benefits of adding soy to our diet including lower cholesterol and reduced risk of heart disease and cancer to name a few. When a soy protein such as Mighty Mo Munchies is incorporated into a child’s diet, it will not only aid in their long-term health, but will offer them a way to immediately energize their mind and bodies, increase stamina and even out blood sugar levels. Mighty Mo Munchies can also serve as a meat substitute for vegetarian children and their families.

Mighty Mo Munchies have recently been added to a number of a la carte school lunch programs throughout the US to an overwhelming response. Kids love them for their delicious crunchy taste and parents love them for their healthy protein (about 10 grams), fiber (an impressive 6 grams; about what you get in around three slices of bread) and snack size convenience.

Mighty Mo Munchies come in four flavors (featuring all organic seasonings): Original (lightly salted), Ranch, Cajun and Unsalted. They may be purchased directly from the manufacturer’s website at or by calling direct at 800-762-1384.

Dateline: April 28, 2005 … Oregon, MO

Contact Name: Rosemary Hall, Mighty Mo Munchies

Contact Phone: 800-762-1384

Web Address:

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Question by julka323: What is the difference between pork and ham?
They’re both made from a pig, right?
I also know that ham is a certain part of a pig…

so what I really want to know is whether it is kosher to eat ham, since it’s not kosher to eat pork.

Best answer:

Answer by jess_rain13
ham IS pork. pork is how you refer to pig meat. like beef is cow. i doubt if it is kosher.

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