Food Technology Breakthrough Leads to New Range of Healthy, Gourmet Foods

April 22, 2013

Suffern, NY (PRWEB) February 14, 2005

Thanks to a revolutionary breakthrough in food technology consumers will soon be able to enjoy blueberry muffins, chocolate chip cookies and other treats knowing that they are not only delicious but that they are good for them too!

The products are very low in carbs, low in fat, have zero trans fat, are low in calories and high in fiber. They have no cholesterol, no sugar, no wheat, no gluten, no yeast, no milk and no animal fats. In addition, they are kosher and suitable for diabetics.

After years of research by food technicians in Europe, E-Z Gourmet is now developing a range of products from cakes to cookies and bagels to burgers that are not only good for your health they can also help people control their weight. E-Z Gourmet cookies are now available in a growing number of stores in New York and New Jersey and international orders are being shipped to Canada.

“The products not only taste scrumptious, they are healthy, nutritious and ideal for today’s fast paced, health conscious, weight watching society,” said Zina Minz, E-Z Gourmet’s founder and president.

“They even do you good because they can help fight heart disease and obesity, the nation’s two biggest killers. The products are all made from 100% soy flour – although you would never know it – and the secret method of mixing produces a home-baked type taste, flavor and texture that is truly unique,” she adds.

Soy is one of the few foods allowed to make a health claim because the Food and Drug Administration and American Heart Association acknowledge that a daily intake of 25gr of soy protein can lower cholesterol and the risk of a heart attack.

Soy produces many other health and nutritional benefits. It can play an important role in the war on obesity because products contain far fewer calories and are low in carbs and fat. And, because of the fiber you feel full faster so consume less, says Minz.

Medical studies have also shown that soy protein can lower diastolic blood pressure in women, can inhibit bone loss that leads to osteoporosis and can also ease menopause by substantially reducing the frequency of hot flushes.

“With obesity a national epidemic in the US and a leading killer, our products provide healthy, low calorie choices for adults and children alike,” she says.

The company is focusing initially on a range of baked food products that can be distributed fresh or frozen. There are already plans, however, to extend the range to include appetizers, entrees and desserts.

“The interest from the food industry has already been phenomenal and we are speaking with major distributors, national fast food chains and supermarkets,” adds Minz.

“Our proprietary production technique allows us to produce almost any product as a soy-substitute including breads, pasta and noodles to pies and meat-substitutes, like soy steaks and burgers. The great thing is that even though the products are made primarily from soy they taste even better than the original. Imagine the impact on the nation’s health and waistline if people switched to soy burgers and soy buns,” says Minz.

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